Q: What information do you need to get me screened

A: Screening is a very important part  of my job. I am a 5’6″, 1115 lb female who is talking to someone who  wants to spend some time with me privately. To make me comfortable with a  grown man, alone, I need to know a few pieces of your personal  information. After all, I have hundreds of reviews from dozens of  escorting sites, and you are calling with no way for me to verify you’re  not a mass murderer or a LEO. This brings me to the wonderful services  Mr. Number, Truth Finder and WhitePages. Your phone number that is  attached to you and not the internet or google or a provider references  will suffice. Please provide the name of one escort you have seen in the  past six months along with her phone number, the date you saw her and  something about you or the date that will jog her memory. Personally I  just like to use your phone number which brings up everything about you.  I am not in the business of blackmail. I just want to know who is  coming into my home or who's home I am walking into.

Q: What is required to set up an appointment

A: First thing I usually need to know  is where are you’re located. I tour quite a bit and until ads expire I  get requests from cities I visited months ago.  Secondly, a proposed  date & time that works for you. Please don’t ask when i’m available,  just throw out a good time for you and I’ll get as close as I can. Once  we have a location and time set, we’ll move on to screening. A  perfectly worded first message looks like this: “Hi, I’m Bob, I live  near Scottsdale Rd. and the 101. I was wondering if you are in town this  Wednesday. I would like a 1 hr appointment at 3 pm and can meet any  time after that until 10pm if 3 is not available. I have fully read your  faq and understand that screening is required for your safety”

Q: How soon can I set up an appointment

A: My calendar fills quickly and I  suggest you try to schedule 24 hours in advance.  But, bottom line is,  if you call and I am available, I’ll need at least an hour to get ready  and that’s if I’m near my incall location.

Q: Is this really you? Send a pic so I know it’s you.

A: Please don’t waste my time with  this question. There are numerous ways to verify that I’m legit, the  worst of which is to have me text a picture. (If you really want to see  me there are literally tens of thousands of pics of me online, any of  which a fake person could download and send to you). The best way to put  your worries to rest is to do a little research. I have hundreds of  reviews across dozens of sites, including TER, the gold standard in  escort reviews. All of these reviews list my number, the same number on  this page on my official site. I am listed as “100%” authentic on eros  which required that I send in my Drivers Licence and a paper holding up a  sign with my Eros ID # written on it with it next to my face along with  the date. I was rated in the Top 15 providers for Phoenix on TER.

Q: What sexual services are offered?

A: This is discussed on my etiquette page.

Q: You’re PSE, great, so that means I get…… right?

A: PSE is a term thrown around by a  lot of people that use it to try and get something they want (“PSE? That  means I’ll get Greek right? That means I’ll get bareback right? etc,  etc, etc”). When I say PSE, it also means the pace will be a bit more  upbeat than a GFE.

Q: Do you take credit card? 

A: I do! For CC I have a handy dandy  card reader that attaches to my phone. Then you sign the phone. I do  also require two things, a small transaction fee to cover credit cards  fees and that you allow me to take a picture of you holding your id to  defray the temptation to charge back the appointment fee. Let's not get this confused. I will take the picture when you arrive before the appt. starts.

Q: Are you a cop?

A: It’s unfortunate that LEO are able  to lie when asked this question but they are, so asking this is a  complete waste of time, and will probably give you a false sense of  security. More detailed answers: